Use Case

Data Operations (DataOps)

illumex helps organizations improve their data management and analytics by providing tools for data profiling, data lineage tracking, data orchestration, and data monitoring.

Automated descriptions of every data and query streamline the onboarding time and the everyday operations and bug fixing.

Usage and misuse insights help create healthier and leaner architectures and save the overlapping effort.

User persona

Data engineers, data analysts, data architects.

Use case objectives
  • Identify data errors, such as duplicate records, and inconsistent formatting.
  • Track the movement of data through a data pipeline to identify the source of data errors and troubleshoot problems with data pipelines.
  • Visualize complex data architectures and workflows to save time and effort and improve the efficiency and reliability of data pipelines.
  • Monitor the availability of data pipelines and data products to identify and fix problems early on and to ensure that data pipelines and data products are meeting their service level agreements (SLAs).

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