Your Data Fabric, Today

Our Semantic AI gets your organization ready for generative AI

Enhance organization collaboration with curated data & analytics

A comprehensive approach to optimizing costs, enabling collaboration, and enhancing observability in data operations.

Operational Excellence-Optimize your data operations by minimizing reliance on manual processes.

Cost Optimization-Evaluate the operational costs and engineering efforts associated with existing data practice

Collaboration & Re-use-Boost release velocity by enabling self-service discovery of composable data artifacts between teams.

Comprehensive Observability-Efficiently manage diverse data workloads with observability of lineage, impact and usage analysis

Generative Semantic Fabric As Your Immediate Toolbox

Includes auto-generated Terms Library, Metric Store, and Saved Analyses and suggested documentation for semantic elements. Learn more

Provides usage information on popular fields, queries, embedded business terms and suggested documentation for data elements, like tables, columns, queries. Learn more

Supports impact and root-cause analysis and suggests auto-documentation for transformations. Learn more

Allows searching from anywhere for any tags, semantic, analytics and data elements. Learn more

Automatically tags Personally Identifiable Information across all semantic, analytics and data objects. Learn more

Facilitates exploration of data and semantic connections via automated visual graph representing organizational ontology and taxonomy. Learn more

Provides a platform for streamlined collaboration and discussions across your data producers and consumers. Learn more

Offers alerts and remediation insights on duplications, conflicts, and misuse. Learn more

Choose between in-house and 3rd party assistants for auto-generation of semantic terminology, data objects and query documentation descriptions. Learn more

Interprets your prompt question, maps it to the right data objects, translates the prompt to SQL and sends it is a context to the Generative AI services of your choice. Learn more

Shirly Baruch 

Senior Director Global Data at Intel

This technology has the potential to support a digital transformation and eliminate manual work. Other tools are siloed, they are disconnected from the production environment, and updated only manually on demand.

Fastest and Most Economical Time To Value

Our Automation Accelerates Your Digital Business Transformatiom

Value From Day 1

Immediate diagnostics and

Rapid Onboarding

Facilitated role-based

Cloud Credits

 Utilize your cloud credits
via Marketplaces

Flexible Budget

Comfortable entry price

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