Use Case

Active Metadata Management

Active metadata management, a powerful tool for organizations of all sizes, enhances data governance, data quality, data discovery, data integration, and data science capabilities.

Active metadata management creates a data catalog for easy data discovery and understanding, providing recommendations for relevant data and automating data integration tasks.

Active Metadata Management by illumex allows organizations to get de-facto transparency on their whole data and analytics stack and spot differences between what was planned and what happened in the reality of their practice.

The benefits include better collaboration, transparent management and understanding the usage context.

User persona

Data engineers, data analysts, data architects.

Use case objectives
  • Get automated identification and classification of sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy and security regulations with automated data lineage and impact analysis.
  • Have up to date analyses of data traffic across applications, data sources, and users, within the organizations or externally (based on the connectors).
  • Receive living architecture of data and analytics activities across your entire data landscape.

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