Use Case

Transition To The Cloud

iIlumex automates the creation of a data dictionary and usage context, which is the first step in any cloud migration, whether you are already in the cloud and expanding to a multi-cloud architecture or just starting your journey from on-premises to cloud.

This process is usually manual and time-consuming, many organizations become frustrated with it and decide to move their assets as they are, replicating all unused, duplicated data and pipelines to the new environment. illumex helps you avoid this mistake and facilitates a swift and healthy move to the cloud.

User persona

Data engineers, data architects.

Use case objectives
  • Reduce time and effort required to migrate data to the cloud or between clouds
  • with an auto-generated data dictionary.
  • Ensure improved accuracy and completeness of data migration.
  • Reduce the risk of data loss or corruption during migration with automated lineage.
  • Set an improved compliance process with data regulation due to the automated PII tagging.

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