Use Case

Data Products Repository

illumex’s Data Products repository, or marketplace, is a centralized location to view and manage the inventory of data products, analyses, metrics, usage context and ownership, lineage, and health scores, as well as a bank of “possible questions.” This repository facilitates reuse and collaboration, prevents duplicate efforts and definitions, and enables faster scaling of data product creation.

User persona

Data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, business users.

Use case objectives
  • Facilitate reuse and collaboration of data products and analyses.
  • Prevent duplicate efforts and definitions.
  • Enable faster scaling of data product creation.
  • Improve data literacy and understanding of data products.
  • Increase trust in data products by providing transparency and visibility into their usage, ownership, and lineage.
  • Enable data product governance and compliance.
  • Promote innovation and experimentation with data products.

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