Unifying Business Data Language for Enterprise

Generative AI for the Automated Data & Analytics Interpretation

TRUST illumex builds trust and maximizes scale by creating a unified and accurate business-data literacy and culture, to unlock the full value of your data and analytics landscape.

SPEED Your organization gets its own cataloged encyclopedia of business terms and analytics within days to give any business question a reliable answer.

EFFICIENCY At times of economic turbulence, your data and analytics practice efficiency is critical. Get full transparency on the effort overlaps, data/analytics duplicates and waste.

Why Organizations Use illumex

Whether your strategic initiatives are focused on Digital Transformation, Data Fabric, Cloud Migration, or Governance and Compliance, illumex helps you to achieve your goals cheaper and faster, with full transparency and automated documentation.

We help you to break the existing status quo, derive value from the data and TRUST the results.

Slow & Expensive Analytics Lifecycle

Dashboards can take several months to create. 90% of the Analytics TCO is the labor cost.

The process of producing, iterating, and completing analysis takes too long. It wastes time, cripples decision-making, and is unsustainable.

Comprehensive, Fast and Cost-effective Analytics

illumex reduces the time it takes to find the data you need. We recommend how data should be used, enables live collaboration, and brings trust to every analytics effort.

Incongruent & Duplicate Data & Metrics

Multiple definitions of the same metric in different units of the company.
Complete misalignment and huge associated costs.

Data democratization was a massive step in business evolution. However, it also introduced a “wild west” of effort duplication and subjective calculations. Too many errors and a lack of centralization have damaged the reliability of analytics.

Full transparency on data and analytics utilization

Live alerting and recommendation system notifies you of any duplication of effort, conflict of logic, and data misuse. Illuemx tracks the breaking changes and shows you the business impact.

Tribal Knowledge

50% of the Data team’s time is spent answering questions about what data to use and how.
When they leave, the knowledge leaves with them.

Knowledge about an organization’s data and analytics is critical to its operations. Keeping that knowledge siloed in people’s minds poses a risk.

Correct, unified metrics and knowledge documentation

illumex is your organization’s automated ever-growing, centralized encyclopedia of analytics.

The platform ensures every analytics effort is documented, certified and trackable.

illumex Is The World’s First Active Semantic Layer
Enabling Error-free and Fast Data-driven Decision Making

Gain Back Trust in Your Analytics


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