Illuminate the power of data

Use your data assets smarter and faster with our active data catalog.

Get improved business results through enhanced data management and SQL analysis.

Discover your data in a whole new light.

What We Do

Illumex discovers and manages data for powerful business results.

We take a holistic business approach to analysis, combining industry best practices and learnings to enrich your data’s value.

Our proprietary IP deploys graphs, NLP, and deep learning algorithms for maximum synergy and impact.

Business data glossary

With an automated glossary you can eliminate noise and repetition, exposing the logic embedded in your data—all based on the Illumex knowledge graph.


Ask any business question and find a matching analysis or recommendations for new ones via the Illumex semantic access layer.


Utilize your assets efficiently by viewing data repetitions, gaps, and benchmarks and leverage the unique Illumex ontology matching.

Bring sanity to your data overflow

See how Illumex improves your analytics routine.


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