The 1st Organically Generated Business Glossary

illumex empowers businesses by creating a unified and accurate data language for everyone. With illumex’s active searchable glossary, businesses can confidently take action using data analytics they trust.

illumex’s vision is to enable any business question and make every answer reliable. We strive to empower your organization with its own encyclopedia of analytics, built from the world’s most extensive business ontology.

We bring business context to every data element. Every schema, table, column, and query gets mapped and enriched with searchable business context.

Why Organizations Use Illumex

Your very own ontology will be built from any data source in a matter of hours and will grow automatically while gaining business context. You can now easily search your entire metadata, certify auto-generated business terms and build a collaborative central repository for reliable analytics.

Analytics take too long to create and finalize

The process of producing, iterating, and completing analysis takes too long. wastes time, cripples decision-making, is unsustainable.

illumex reduces the time it takes to find the data you need. It confirms how data should be used, enables live collaboration, brings trust to every analytics effort.

Humans make errors and duplicate effort

Data democratization was a massive step in business evolution. However, it also introduced a “wild wild west” of duplicate subjective calculations. Too many errors and a lack of centralization damage the reliability of analytics.

With illumex, every calculation and analytical task is searchable, documented, and re-usable. You can finally standardize the most critical metrics and analysis to create a genuinely inclusive and reliable analytics process.

Knowledge is siloed and kept in people's minds

Knowledge about an organization’s data and analytics is critical to its operations. Keeping that knowledge siloed in people's minds poses a risk.

illumex ensures your organization has a living and ever-growing encyclopedia of all its analytics. The platform ensures every analytics effort is documented certified and trackable.

Add Business Context to Your Data

Gain Back Trust in Your Analytics


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