Use Case

Semantic Self-Service Discovery

Data and analytics processes can be long and inconsistent because finding the correct data or existing analysis is challenging.

illumex’s semantic self-service discovery platform enables data teams and business users to find all the relevant and comprehensive data and analysis and to check definitions and ownership without having to search for or wait for the right contact.

This is all possible thanks to the textual descriptions that are suggested for every data, analytics, and semantic object across the entire organizational landscape.

User persona

Data engineers, data analysts, data scientists, business users.

Use case objectives
  • Reduce time to insight by quickly and accurately finding the information you need.
  • Eliminate analysis redundancies by reusing saved business questions and searchable analyses.
  • Visually understand new or changed data sources instead of wading through flat tabular views.
  • Use intuitive semantic search to ask any data-related question in plain language.
  • Enjoy semantic search in your favorite conversational application, powered by the illumex SDK.
  • Get semantic context within your web application with the illumex Chrome
  • extension.

Unlock The Power of Your Data

Today’s enterprises are swamped with data. Other than recently built modern data stacks there are systems ranging from financial systems,...


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