An active, autonomous data catalog that increases the value of your data

Illumex is built to solve the challenges faced by data teams who often struggle to locate and inventory vastly scattered, diverse, and fragmented data assets.

Our innovative prescriptive semantic data catalog understands, describes, and classifies metadata across data sources.

So you gain complete visibility, connectivity, and augmented data management - with the ability to leverage business contextual awareness.

How It Works

We apply advanced AI towards metadata to show you the meaning embedded in the data logic.

We tackle the intent of the data so it delivers true value to answer business questions.

Through our advanced platform and business content, you get an autonomous catalog that scales.

Augmented Metadata Management

  • Self populates for active metadata management

  • Identifies industry logic in the organization’s activity

  • Offers industry knowledge from the start, with richer insights gained as new organizations are added

  • Provides prescriptive analytics and recommended metrics

Augmented Metadata Management

Extensive Connectivity

  • Provides complete data lineage, and connects utilized areas overs all data sources - across warehouses, lakes, and databases

  • Observes an organization from the ‘top-down,’ from the expected business logic to the metadata - mapping both into content-aware lineage

  • Bridges department and data silos

Extensive Connectivity

Better Visibility

  • Builds context-aware connections

  • Provides industry knowledge graphs and proprietary ontologies for easy viewing and understanding

  • Allows business users, analysts, and data scientists to speak the same language

  • Supplies insights on duplications, ambiguities, and inconsistencies with out-of-the-box metrics

Better Visibility

How we do it

The Illumex engine serves as a middle-layer platform, allowing business questions to be answered by analytics platforms through acting as an abstraction between customer-facing applications and data sources. We transform data management from a static, technical, manual area of an organization handled by just a few people into an automated, optimized process accessible to all.

Illumex is the first catalog that autonomously digests metadata and understands its context by leveraging the combined power of graphs, natural language processing, and deep learning. We create a new way for organizations to visualize and understand what data is available and use it for more significant business impact. By applying global best practices to an organization’s metrics, we help businesses make better use of the data they already have.




Deep Learning

The graph structure allows Illumex to capture and host industry knowledge, apply it to multiple use cases, and find proximity in terms never matched before. This process enables learnings from various customers to be involved, constantly enriching local ontologies from external sources. The embedding of local customer ontology is mapped to the global ontology to find the matching entities and relations.

Solving the problem of data

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