We Are On a Mission To Enable Any Business Question And Make Every Answer Reliable

To achieve that, we are building the world’s most extensive business ontology, accessible through applications and platforms.

A Different View Of Data Management


We are a diverse and global team located in Tel Aviv, Toronto, and London. Our backgrounds range from rich academic research to decades of experience with enterprise analytics and in hypergrowth startups. We enjoy spending time with one another in our flexible hybrid working environment.

Our creativity and drive to challenge the status quo are rooted in our goal to provide data knowledge and usage insight to anyone. We’re developing ground-up research to serve this purpose, and combine graph technology, deep learning, and natural language processing to build effective and efficient solutions.

As with many other domains, the data and analytics world is suffering from sustainability issues - there is waste and imbalance between the investment and effort put into data and analytics, compared to the insights it produces. We aim to solve this by enabling faster creation of analytics, and by bringing conviction to every effort through documented evidence.

We believe that through this process, we can enhance inclusivity within organizations, making anyone able to find and create the analytics they trust, rely on, and deliver with confidence.

We are building the world's largest business ontology - so, if you are an ambitious and empathetic challenger, we would love you to join our journey!

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