Empowering the future of data management

We help bring clarity and transparency to data management, so organizations can finally unleash the full power of their data assets. In a world of constantly growing data - and its associated costs, we help companies navigate beyond the typical constraints of building, exploring, and maintaining their data catalogs. With our prescriptive data fabric, businesses can scale their analysis to reach their full potential and become truly data-driven.

A different view of data management


We approach the challenge of data management from a business perspective. Through our decades of experience at enterprises, startups, and academia, we recognize the value of bringing automation and democratization to data management, so all stakeholders can realize the benefits of advanced analysis.

We believe in the power of learning from others, so instead of constantly reinventing their analytics and data management, an organization can look at data objectively and knowledgeably, apply industry best practices - and do more with less.

Our NLP, graph, and deep learning experts are dedicated to bringing the power of AI to unleash the full potential of data, wherever and however it’s stored. Through our proprietary algorithms, we are transforming data from a sunken cost to a value and revenue driver.

Our Team

Inna Tokarev Sela

Founder & CEO

Yuval Shkolar

Data Engineer

Liav Nave

Software Engineer

Denis Tokarev

Software Engineer

Anat Stein


Polina Zilberman

Data Scientist

Tatiana Frenklach

Data Scientist

Ilia Leybovich

Data Scientist

Barak Baram

Software Engineer

Our advisors

Moshe Lichtman

Partner at IGP

Emanuel Kanievsky

CRO at Joonko

Our investors

Cardumen Capital
toDay Ventures

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